In times of uncertainty, people seek understanding and meaning. This year, the world searched “why” more than ever. This film features the questions we asked this year, with words and narration by Kofi Lost. Explore more trends from the year at


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Google Brand Studio
Words/Narration: Kofi Lost
Editor: Scott Butzer – Cabin Editing Company
Sound Design: John Bolen – Formosa Group
VFX/Color/Finish: Shape + Light

Original Music: Peter CottonTale – “Together”
Featured Artists: Chicago Children’s Choir, Cynthia Erivo, and The Matt Jones (Re-Collective Orchestra) –

@RMG News
Getty Images / NBC News Archives
Tom Fuller, Tom Wilkinson, and the University of Oxford
Seán Doran
Photo by Stephanie Maze
Footage from the “World Surf Weekly” provided through the courtesy of the World Surf League
Meged Gozani, Haaretz
The Real Neal’s
Breonna Taylor Mural by Future History Now
Breonna Taylor Mural photo courtesy of Maurice Taylor
Academy Awards® Clip
Copyright © Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
WNBA/NBA footage courtesy of the National Basketball Association
Jimmy Fallon footage courtesy of NBC Universal
Estate of Breonna Taylor
Trayvon Martin Foundation
The estate of George Floyd
Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation
Photo copyright courtesy of NBC Archives
Footage copyright courtesy of Alyza Enriquez
Richner Communications, Inc /Long Island Herald
Story to Spectacle
Nandi Bushell
Eddie VanHalen music video footage courtesy of Rhino Records, a Warner Music Group company
Canal OFF
XOS Digital
Mural Credit -Dom Whitehurst
Photo courtesy of Nate Palmer
Commencement speech courtesy of Howard University
Mural Artist Nikkolas Smith
Footage courtesy US Tennis Association
JaVale McGee,

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    92 replies to "Google — Year in Search 2020"

    • lettuce boi

      we always ask “why” google
      but never “how” is google

      • Sarah

        *Every American needs to watch this: ***

      • Sky Jack

        Every American needs to learn that spamming is gay.

      • Cynthia Ard

        Ppa dragon Ball

      • Kat Kelley

        This comment aged well (after the rewind 2021)

      • cakesoncups

        Google read this and made another one for you this year

    • Elias Fuentes

      End of 2020 really be feeling like the end of a movie

      • Saldin Kalid

        @hi whhejdkr

      • ηίηα

        Except when you think it’s over, there ends up being a sequel. How many movies are we going to get in our lives? Approaching 2 full years of COVID-19.

      • Fab Sj


      • A watcher

        It was only the opening credits

      • Depressed Legend


    • Macam TV

      YouTube: We won’t have YouTube rewind this year
      Google: *Thanos voice* Fine I’ll do it myself

      • sro kar

        @Oweinama Biu😐.

      • m.s.

        Who watches YouTube rewind anyMore ?

      • FrZdyTheConsumer

        Well I mean google owns Ytube. So it would make sense

      • Maria Hernandez

        BOk m

      • Jiwoo Park

        Are you rewinding son

    • Take Down Squad

      Wow looking back at 2020 is tough! Thank god its over lets all pray 2021 is far better x

      • AnimeYou

        *SICKE* its not

      • Roy NieZXC

        @🤍Pony obsessed🤍 No

      • Somnath Chakrabarti

        2021 was very tough 2020 was easy except China and America.

      • Adele Sommers

        @Somnath Chakrabarti 2020 wasn’t easy for anyone

      • Somnath Chakrabarti

        @Adele Sommers It was maybe it was not easy for you.

    • Syed Faraaz

      2020 might not be a great year but i am damn sure everyone will remember it forever.

      • Savage_gurlz11

        Yup I already have memories in that year that I can`t forget them 🙁

      • Suddum Vili
      • Павел Проскуряков

        i broke up this year in a very harsh way (lived through it as if a person died or something like that so dont wish anything like that to anyone and really wish all the best to everyone going through a tough time, youll make it guys and i will, u inspire me to live on) so i somehow can echo this worldwide sorrows personally and this way im somehow grateful that i can feel something that everybody’s (sorry for the lack of me using the apostrophe, english is not my first language so im not always remembering to put it there) feeling now and be with everybody in it and also know and feel and learn that from 2020 and yeah now remember 2020 for that but eventually somehow grow and yes i will leave that in 2020 now and go on. worst is behind, it will be alright. thanks to everybody on the internet, some of you helped me very much. lets go you guys we are all our own present and future, grats for passing that 🥳

      • Abdul Rahaman 01

        Enter 2021

      • Somnath Chakrabarti

        @Abdul Rahaman 01 Leave 2021 and focus on 2022.

    • balqis misya

      imagine rewatching this in the future :’

      • butter

        Hi I’m from the future

      • Julie Perrone

        @Kawaii Cookie
        Enya playing I wish!!!

      • Randomly robloxian

        imma just…

      • Aagje Verrezen


      • Fubble Forever

        2022 baby

    • imadethisaccounttocomment

      I kid you not when I say I literally cried.

      To every single one of you here, I’m proud of you for making it through that hell hole of a year🌸

      • Nui Bui

        these big corps are worse than you can imagine.

      • 07 moon

      • Keith Shepherd

        @الابداع والحقيقة تى فى c

      • الابداع والحقيقة تى فى

        @Keith Shepherd how are you

      • thezombiecreeper

        Here from the future saying
        “2021 was much worse”

    • watermelonglasses

      this made me cry. Everything that happened in 2020, Just taught me how important life is. Stay Safe everyone:)

      • LeBozo James Simp

        Sensitivity off the charts here!

      • Rajender Sharma

        @I am just A user ;-; Xrxc xxdx xxe dx x. . . .

      • Rajender Sharma

        @I am just A user ;-; in xxwpw wxre e r rx exx x xx r

      • dolph1nch1ca

        I cry every time in watch this

      • Sam P

        Yeah thankfully BLM is falling apart and less people are getting killed by them.

    • Tomáš Jeziorský

      It’s like the whole last year’s depression distilled into 3 minutes.

      • الابداع والحقيقة تى فى


      • Steph

        Like legit

      • CrafterSon

        Tomu ver

    • Kushal Dornahalli

      And the real question: WHY isn’t YouTube Rewind like this?

      • helmetboy

        @Michael Mantion why is it bad and dumb, i liked it very much

      • 015A

        @Eggsy not as bad as 2018

      • My Brain Glows

        because YT has no good content or artists anymore

      • الابداع والحقيقة تى فى


      • Elziot Simonson

        because this is gay

    • Synclair Williams

      that little girl at the end has every right to give the fist and send chills down the spine of every one watching. i watch this every day to hear that music “we gon get it together somehow” in sync with that little girl raising her fist to a better future. the ones who aren’t listening are the bad guys of this movie

      • الابداع والحقيقة تى فى


    • Ninym TM

      I still came back here to watch it all over again

      I just can’t stop tearing up again

      Thank you Google❤️

      • Kingz Vision


      • Siva Siva


      • Siva Siva


      • Siva Siva


      • Siva Siva


    • Areonna S

      Can’t believe 30k people disliked this. This is my 5th time coming back to this video. It’s so moving. I get sad when I see Kobe, Gianna, Chadwick and Ruth. So many people lost their lives last year, it’s amazing how they were able to capture such sadness and hope all in one video in 3 min.

      • Leyla

        @august vctjuh if you’re racist and don’t support blm, just say that. And it wasn’t just famous people, they were bunch of people in this video who are regular human dealing with covid.

      • august vctjuh

        ​@Leyla I’m not racist. I just think BLM is not worth my time.
        There are much more important humanitarian causes than BLM. Why would I say I “support” something if I am not actually doing anything to support it?
        The best way to fight racism is to correct your peers when they act racist. That is common sense within my circles and has nothing to do with BLM. I don’t think posting a black square is going to achieve anything.
        I hope you understand where I’m coming from, have a nice day.

      • Leyla

        @august vctjuh a lot of errors in your mindset but ok. Have nice day

      • august vctjuh

        @Leyla like what? I’m just not a fan of marketing but most of all how companies do it a lot of times

      • Leyla

        @august vctjuh Ok, if u think police brutality and using unnecessary force and police breaking basic human right is not worth your time, you’re just a shitty person.
        Yes, there’s more important humanitarian crisis, but we can focus on more than one problem and still care about the problem black people face.
        You don’t have to go out and actually do something to support, to support “blm”. By simply acknowledging racism is small step of support.
        Yes, I agree u can fight racism by correcting your peers when they racist. But again, that just a small step. We need more than that. There a whole system design to go again black and empower white. From having a job, to get a house, to facing a judge, or simple walking in wrong area of town. So yeah, we need laws to stop enabling this. Yeah, I don’t think black square is going to achieve anything, but it’s just showing where you stand.
        I also hope you understand where I’m coming from. Have a nice day as-well

    • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      It wasn’t the greatest year for everybody, but for those who made it until the end, let’s be grateful that we did.

      Rest In Peace to the lives lost that year.

      • David Lopez


      • Somnath Chakrabarti

        @lmao Not to much deaths happened in India very very less. Maybe more in China.

      • Somnath Chakrabarti

        @lmao People died in 2021 also and not much death rate in India and 2020 ; large death rate was in China and America.

      • Somnath Chakrabarti

        @Boom OneOhOne How was 2020 for you ?

      • Somnath Chakrabarti

        2020 was a great year for Education and Banking sector, 2020 was an even year, Many Bollywood films actors, large festival were held in 2020 in India. 2020 was Financially marked as No. 1 . 2020 good news came regarding vaccines, voting, Company investment, business, Finance, Suzuki Company exports as Maruti etc….
        2020 was gr8 for India, Australia, Bangladesh, Russia and France.

    • this still give me the chills.

      • Sergio Torres


      • Elziot Simonson

        hi, !

      • Akash Kumar

        @TechnoZ pool was i

      • thetboys

        Thought I was the only one

      • Love

        Ever since 2020 happen we’ve been living revelation that’s the last chapter of the Bible. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads -Revelation 13:16

    • Moped _26

      I am patiently waiting for 2021’s because, well, without a doubt it mind, this year has been more chaotic, more emotional, and more stressful for all. These are truly amazing as they show us how a far we, as a global society, have come, it is quite emotional.

      • Addhayan Bakhshi

        I would say this year was better than last year. Still not back to normal but I think we did better than 2021.

      • Ss88

        Where is it??

    • FAKTY

      I can’t believe it has been almost a year since we were waiting for the video. Time flies, in a few days we’ll be watching the 2021 version.

    • gabriel suaris

      Voltando aqui para dizer que 2020 foi o ano mais inacreditável.

    • The Non Weaboo

      Even at the end of 2021, this still resonates

    • Desire Uba

      Here after watching the 2021 replay and I cried for both.
      I really pray we get past this damn pandemic soon. It’s been 2 years and I, for one, am tired of it.

      Praying for a peaceful 2022 ❤️

      • Noah Tanghe

        We’ll get thru this together, stay strong! I believe in you

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