In a year that continued to test many, the world searched “how to heal” more than ever. Whether they’re taking care of mental health, honoring a loved one, or reuniting with family, people are finding ways to come back stronger than before. Explore more trends from the year at .


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    75 replies to "Google — Year In Search 2021"

    • Lý Thị Ca

      Every time I watch videos like this, I get goosebumps and tears
      because I’m an emotional person

      • Thomas Mr


      • Positively Me

        I got full body goosebumps too. So many distractions in this world that take us away from the thing we all share in common… being human… love is universal and so important for us to remember to keep practicing because of how powerful love truly is…

      • Lý Thị Ca

        @Positively Me exactly
        each of us must try and work with a kind heart

      • William Ehrensperger

        My year in review 2021 An Ehrensperger Edit & Production:

      • Stuart McPherran


    • Sandeep Singh

      This video is full of emotions, encouragement, and hope. Can we have a longer version of it?

      • John E.

        It was actually a pretty good year for me.

      • zach thomas

        Sure. It’s called Avatar. Or Titanic

      • W. Dearth


      • Princess of the Cape

        This video is full of cynical ultraliberalism wrapped in a slick, marketable package. It’s revolting how many people are just lapping it up.

      • James Eldridge

        @Princess of the Cape When emotions are presented to the masses– logic, reasoning, and rational thought are useless haha

    • sotuur aeei

      Que 2022 seja o ano da reviravolta a todos os sentidos. Que todos unidos continuemos a lutar pelos nossos direitos. Que TODOS lutemos JUNTOS para uma vida melhor!

    • nieooj gotoy

      2020 y 2021 dos años de muchas enseñanzas 🙏🏼 ✨

      • Francisco Leon

        El 2020 es donde la alto estima bajo

    • deepa thomas-sutcliffe

      2021 has been a year of emotion, challenges and treasuring life’s little moments. Beautiful video.

      • Love

        Ever since 2020 happen we’ve been living revelation that’s the last chapter of the Bible. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads -Revelation 13:16

      • The Cyber Pirate

        2021 is very boring and depressing


        @The Cyber Pirate summer this year was bad

    • Muhammad Fahad

      I love how the significant change from 2020 to 2021 is that we went from asking “why” to asking “how”
      I hope that, even with Omicron and so much more to come, 2022 questions change

      • 1flybyguy

        Why and how have the same answer. China.

      • Muhammad Fahad

        @1flybyguy people often tend to blame China but many people blame USA as well.
        The blame game never ends, sadly. And it doesn’t make things better if you blame one party or another. If it did, the world wouldn’t still be struggling with all of its problems.


        Gendc. F fcdcecfjen

      • Saro v

        @Lemur Jackson propaganda era

      • Saro v

        @TrueCarthaginian tell that to 10 of my neighbours died of rona mayb theyl come back

    • paige

      I lost my grampa this year. It’s been very hard and I still get sad about it, he passed in March. I know so many other families have also lost relatives and it’s so hard to deal with especially around the holidays. We’ve got this💜

      • Adam Shirk


      • Bryan Choy

        Stay strong buddy 🙂

      • pain.

        keep Going
        No matter What.

      • William Ehrensperger

        My year in review 2021 An Ehrensperger Edit & Production:

      • Emiliano Ramirez

        Same thing happened to my grandpa, he passed on March 11th.

    • thomas bledsoe

      Keep on keeping on everybody!!!!!!! Things might get tough but pick each other up! You all have made it through two of the most difficult years in our recent history.

      • CurlyGirl90


    • 💮Juliet Ponce💮

      0:50 made me feel so emotional with the first Hamilton performance, Billie Elish’s concert, and the BTS PTD LA concert because these were some of the first really big events that kinda brought back some relief that even though things aren’t exactly like how they were in 2019, but some things are coming back and that there are so many more awesome things to come 2022. 💜🥺

      • Duane Albers

        It’s ok to cry like a 2 year old

    • Earth

      We can all agree that 2020-2021 were the most dramatic years of our lives, learnt and experienced many things..

    • Grace M

      Every time I watch these year in search videos, I think to myself ‘these are WAY better then the YouTube rewinds’ This video nearly brought me to tears. Thank you Google!! ♥️💪🏻

    • Isaac

      I lost everything this year. My house, my relationship of five years, my two dogs… this really struck all the right chords in my heart. Everyday I’m trying to come back stronger. To everyone struggling, you have all the love I can possibly muster. Don’t give up.

      • tf_yhu _want


      • Danielle Chavez

        If youre waking up every single day still.. remember it’s because you have a purpose. There’s a reason you woke up. Even if it was to learn one last lesson before your time is up… everything is temporary. Everything will be okay.
        For what youve lost there is something bigger and better waiting for you. All your experiences make you who you are. So much love toward your way. ❤️

      • @ce 0f $pades

        I’m so sorry

      • Riyaz King

        Stay strong buddy, hang in there we are here for you 💙

      • María estrella Jiménez barrull

        Que pasa con.todo esto ami me robaron mi Gmail y correo electrónico AyudA

    • Jack Hood-Deeks

      Every year these come out, I watch them over and over again because they always strike such power and emotion, such upset yet hope.

      This one, by far, is the best one Google has created. It shows the heartbreak of so many, the struggles, the pure exhaustion. It captures the raw essence of 2021. But it also shows how we made it to the end of the year, how we kept powering through with love and hope, how we realised what we’re capable of together, how we took the time to stop and take care of ourselves. Thank you for this, Google.

      To anyone reading this, you may have not yet healed, but you are healing.

      • JohnE9999


      • Minus Nine

        This one was good but have you seen the 2012 one? That one was something else.

      • Jonathon Demer

        2012 is the best one not even close

      • Positively Me

        ❤️ this video is amazing

      • William Ehrensperger

        My year in review 2021 An Ehrensperger Edit & Production:

    • shahirah noor azam

      2021 definitely took a toll on my mental health. It has been a continuous journey to learn healthy coping mechanisms, talking to professionals and just letting myself feel the things I feel

      • Abrajah Moua

        everybody feels it and at the end of the tunnel it will reunite the world from its broken and shattered figure.

    • royal blood

      to everyone watching this and relating to the pain and healing, I love you all so much. You are strong and you are not alone. Keep up the hard work. I am so proud of you <3

      • Duane Albers

        If you feel pain relating to this you are the opposite of strong you are a symptom of a soft society you are the runt and you are protected but don’t worry Mother Nature has a way of making things right

    • Jane Byrne

      I love these year in search videos! Hopefully, the 2022 year in search will show us moving ahead in more ways than one. In the meantime, remember all we can control is ourselves and we need to realize that we are more alike than different. May everyone have a happy new year, even the ones I disagree with.

      • Dusty Rhodes

        That goes both ways, you know? If you want people to get together, hold Google accountable for constantly trying to divide.

      • The Alaskan RC Guy

        @Bernie Alarcon right? Actually I have no clue about the news cus I quit delving into their censored lies.

        Google Search is the number 1 search engine followed closely by youtube as it also a search engine. They have the glory of being the ones in a position. That can show us what they want and delete things that they want as well

      • Erica Sutton

        Amen. Have a happy new year everyone

      • dimensional reaper

        I doubt 2022 will be better, humanity as a whole doesn’t understand that the governments are corrupt and just don’t care, they won’t make things better unless it’s for their personal gain

      • GoTeamUSA

        I used to like the ‘year in search’ videos…

    • cmlazar

      This has been a year of enormous change for me. I moved to be close to family, I literally moved 3 times before I got into my house, I felt isolated in some ways and closer to my daughter and family in others. I’ve been stressed, sad, happy, lonely, excited, worried, and confused. I’m turning 79 in a week. I’m alone this week. I hope 2022 is better.

      • Mo Shahin

        I wish you a fantastic 2022, A healthy and long life and for you and your family’s bonds grow stronger and deeper. My best wishes to you.

      • Monty

        For me -reaching age 79 itself is a fantastic achievement. You have already lived a long life you know what to do. Please take care of your health and go outside for a walk everyday if possible.

      • Roy NieZXC

        Ok? If your comment didn’t aged well, then you’re a pathetic 🤣

      • naamnei

        Wish you a terrific year ahead Sir/Ma’am. May you bond better with family and may your generation always show us the path.

      • katee

        Happy birthday

    • Colleen S

      Well done ♡ may 2022 be the year we all search for how to recover and heal and move forward
      Happy new year 🎉


      I want to give the whole world a huge hug . We have been through a lot and lost so much but we are still strong together and I feel like we are more and more connected now than ever . I wish everyone the best and let’s have a meaningful year ahead.

      • sumaiah nasif

        I love this


        @sumaiah nasif 😊💜

    • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      There’s been a lot of ups and downs in 2021, let’s keep our fingers crossed that 2022 will hopefully improve for the ones who went through tough times. Have a happy new year!

      • Angel Cade WyldeChyld WyldeShep

        We must do more than cross our fingers we must make it happen. One of us takes one more on board and we go forward together.

      • pado joe biden

        @Douglas Vitrano all you have to do is turn off the news and this Plandemic vanishes.

      • Srinivasan B

        Happy NEW YEAR 2022 TO ALL OF YOU. Thank you so much for this great positive comment.

      • Никита Какурин

        See Google 2021 Russia) and good luck for everyone

      • Rosa Jesus

        @Douglas Vitrano n

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